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Ben: Changing Rooms

The outspoken chef weighs in on Adrienne's situation. Fans might be interested to know more about your culinary background in England, etc. Can you elaborate? When/why did you start working on yachts?
Ben Robinson: I started working in Michelin-starred restaurants in London when I was 18. I was privately trained in Italy, and I worked at the Fat Duck in England which at the time was No. 1 restaurant in the world. This is where I learned molecular cuisine. I have a blog on my site about it. What's it like being in the galley? Are you privy to everything going on in the other quarters, or are you shut out from it?
BR: Its a bit of both. I do like to make my presence known because I feel it nice for the guests to have a face behind the plates. Also, I have a bit of a knack for deciphering what the guests actually want. What was your first impression of this week's guests?
BR: Actually, I thought they were respectable, clean-cut business professionals. You seem to get annoyed with Sam over her untimely pancake request, and she tells the camera that you can be moody — angry with her one moment, joking the next. Do you think that's accurate?
BR: It was the second time it had happened, I don't have time for such sophomoric mistakes. What went through your mind when you heard the crew would be planning a wedding/that you would have to make a cake? Have you ever had to do that for guests before?
BR: I have never made a wedding cake before, and I think it's quite a ridiculous demand. For the record, in those five hours, I had to cook for 12 crew, make a series of canapés, make a five-course dinner, and a wedding cake! Were you happy with how the cake/wedding meal turned out?
BR: I was happy. Kat asked you to change rooms with her, and you tell her you have to think about it. What are your real thoughts about it?
BR: I feel like it is embarrassing for Adrienne and also quite obnoxious. Since when do you insult your senior that badly and get away with it?! What do you think about the whole situation between Adrienne and Kat? Adrienne and Sam?
BR: Although Adrienne can come across as slightly charmless, she is their boss and they should at least dignify that!! Anything else you'd like to add?
BR: Yes -- if we don't do a second season, I want to do Top Chef... and win!