Burning Questions

...and has a harsh critique of Adrienne's leadership skills.

Aug 12, 2013

Bravotv.com: You have all been on the boat for quite some time now with few breaks. What's the mood like? Who are you feeling the most connected with/annoyed with at the moment?
Eddie Lucas: The mood on the boat has been tense especially between the girls, and C.J. and the captain. I am definitely most connected with Dave and Aleks because we work together the most, and we work well together. I have been annoyed with the way Kat acts when she has had a couple of drinks, and I have been annoyed with the amount a lot of people are complaining on the boat. I think people spend more energy complaining about their jobs then they actually spend doing it.

Bravotv.com: You and Dave are on a totally different schedule than the rest of the crew. Are you privy to all the drama going on? Or do you prefer that you aren't?
EL: Dave and I are on a very different schedule, so this does leave us out of the loop on a lot of drama that is going on, and I wouldn't want it any other way. I'm very happy not to be in the middle of the drama.

Bravotv.com: What has your previous experience been like on yachts? How is this experience different?
EL: Most of the experience that I have had prior to this season was on smaller boats and dinner cruise boats. Working in the "white boat" industry was different because there was a lot more cleaning involved on a much larger scale, but it was very rewarding and educational for me. Aleks and Captain Lee both taught me a lot about this industry.

Bravotv.com: The charter is cancelled, but what does that actually mean for the crew/your workload?
 The charter is cancelled, but we still have a lot to do and clean. Since we have been having charters non-stop, we are behind in the work we have to do, so this will give us a chance catch up on back work, and do a really thorough cleaning of the boat.

Bravotv.com: You leave dinner out with your crew because you're so frustrated with everyone's behavior. Had this been brewing for awhile? What were you feeling at the time?
EL: My frustration with the crew's actions in public had been brewing for awhile, and it finally boiled over at this dinner. I was really embarrassed and ashamed for the way the crew was acting in a public space where other people were trying to enjoy dinner also. I'm all about having fun and enjoying my time, but not at the sake of others' comfort. I just want to see more respect for each other and those that are around us while in public.