Rocky: Emile Has a Lot to Learn

Rocky Dakota dishes on her date with Emile Kotze. Were you surprised when Emile asked you on a date?
Raquel “Rocky” Dakota: Yes, I actually was surprised that Emile had enough courage to ask the captain if he could take me out. I thought it was so cute! I was really excited for any chance to get off the yacht and just let go, breathe, be free, and have fun! What was going through your mind during the date with Emile?
RD: The date with Emile...hmm, I quickly realized that even though he's handsome, this boy has a lot to learn! I usually date guys with more experience. How do you think it went?
RD: I actually had fun on the date, but drinks at dinner was as far as it was going to go. I get bored so easily, I need someone who stimulates my brain and can bring something to the table. Smart, charming, funny, and kind -- that's what I like.

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