Below Deck Chef Adrian Martin Has the Perfect Response to That Now-Famous Guest Comment: "Chicken Is What Poor People Eat"

Below Deck Chef Adrian Martin made it short and sweet — with just one emoji for good measure.

It's the Below Deck moment everyone's still talking about: the tipsy guest who proclaimed that chicken is food for "poor people," while rejecting Chef Adrian Martin’s main course of steamed chicken breast with mozzarella, tomato, and basil. It may have been an elevated on-board menu choice appropriate for a yacht charter — but it was “still chicken," and therefore unworthy. AWKward.

That this guest's comments represented merely personal preference and not demographic fact has been proven — in fact, chicken turned up in five of 2018's 10 most popular dishes.

And now, with one short and sweet tweet, Chef Adrian is weighing in with his own response.

Posting a photo of an elegant chicken dish, accompanied by whipped mashed potatoes, asparagus, and cherry tomato, the chef wrote the simple caption, "What poor people eat." And yes — the laughing-crying emoji punctuated the caption... even though the sentiment was already implied.

Fans had their own fun weighing in, too. One wrote — in all caps, for good measure — "OMG!!! I AM SO POOR! PLEASE SEND ME SOME OF THAT POVERTY CHICKEN & BANKRUPT ASPARAGUS! YUM!"

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