Follow Your Heart

May 29, 2012 • 9:33 AM ET
Everyone -- this was a pretty intense episode. I wanted to thank all of you for the positive thoughts and support throughout this whole journey. Working for Bethenny and creating an unbreakable bond with her family truly changed and molded me as a...
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by Kim Moreau
May 27, 2012 • 8:49 PM ET
Hello Bethenny fans! And now we've come to the end. Season 3 has drawn to a close but not before a few additional pitchers of margaritas were imbibed and tears were shed. Let's recap shall we. The Designated Drinker We open with the gang at...
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The Sunny Side of the Street

May 21, 2012 • 12:00 PM ET
Hello Frankel fans! Hopefully you (like Bethenny will be) watched this episode on your 73-inch television (Seriously, that is a big television, no matter what you think Stephen Fanuka). Let's recap the penultimate episode of Season 3 shall we....
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Play Hard

May 15, 2012 • 10:45 AM ET
Aspen was absolutely amazing. Bethenny certainly lives by the "work hard, play hard" motto. Her playing is usually jumping around and singing with Bryn, but this time the play took us to Aspen for the launch of Skinnygirl White Cranberry Cosmo. ...
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