Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny tells us how she made Christmas her b---h, and why she's happy to have Nick and Ethan in her life.

on May 3, 2011

What can I say about my ass? During skating it was nearly missing because my body couldn't possibly keep up with the calories I was burning. The booty buster was initially a silly idea that I ended up adding to my shapewear line ( because once in a while we all need a little boost. As long as we don't take ourselves too seriously and don't try to be something we're not (and never forget to have fun), I believe in doing anything to make you feel better about yourself.

Skating was so excruciating, overwhelming, and inconvenient, but Ethan made it worth it. I came this far and I wasn't going to not give it my all the whole way through. I was incredibly happy for it to end though.

My family's Christmas was not going to be sacrificed as a result of my childish whims. I did make Christmas my b---h and wasn't doing it half assed. (Somehow the ass ended up being the theme of this week's episode.)

Going to the tree farm was like the warm North Pole. I'm fairly convinced that that really was Santa Claus and that he somehow delivers presents in that danger vehicle. To say that was a rocky road was an understatement. I'm so neurotic that Jason was probably a half of a block away with that saw but it felt like it was inches away. Mommy is crazy!