Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny tells us how she made Christmas her b---h, and why she's happy to have Nick and Ethan in her life.

on May 3, 2011

I love a hideous Christmas sweater party ,and I strongly recommend it! As I always say and do: never take yourself too seriously. This is the perfect holiday tradition and I want to do it every year. How cute was my little Secret Santa Bryn? I love her so much that it is painful. Watching the show with you is like watching a living photo album of my baby, and I drink every drop of it.

Then we went to the "North Pole." I'm certain that Dot works with Santa from the Christmas tree farm and that LA is the real Santa's Village. I've never seen a Santa and elf like that in New York. They are legit!

Why is Cookie so bad??? She gets coal in her stocking every year. What a sneak! I didn't even notice her helping herself to the whole buffet, and she has serious weight issues. Ironically, she doesn't adhere to any of the rules in my book Naturally Thin! Old dog who wants nothing to do with new tricks. I can't help but love her though, and she ain't changing!

Nick's blog was incredible. He is so passionate and talented, and I really loved our dinner. We ended up having drinks afterwards and went out to another place later. I truly enjoy his company and will find a place for him in my life. You can read Nick's food crawl blog at

The tour was remarkable, and I can't wait for you to see it next week. The only thing that is so difficult to watch is how tired and haggard I was. Doing this straight after Skating was another psychotic undertaking. I say to myself: "Bethenny ENOUGH is ENOUGH!" Don't worry: soon after this three month tour I hit the wall and finally checked out and relaxed.

More to come! Next week is an incredible episode! I love you all and thank you for watching!