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Entering Motherhood

Bethenny discusses the "blessing ceremony," religion, and baby pandas.

This week was really intense. I truly can't communicate how out of control I felt at Gina's church. I know that their "blessing ceremony" was filled with good intentions, but having my baby pulled from my arms was one of the most traumatic moments I have had as a mother. My little girl is so perfect and precious, and so beloved to me that I really couldn't even tolerate a moment of not knowing what was going on.

I learned so much that day about me as a wife, a person, and most of all a mother. If I don't feel comfortable, I don't care what anyone thinks.

Religion is a difficult topic to tackle. In my show, I make sure that we authentically show you what really goes on in my life. I'm not particularly religious. I am spiritual; I do believe in what is right and wrong, in energy, in karma, and that what you put out there you get back.

Because this topic is so sensitive, I didn't know how to handle the potential disrespect of someone else's rituals. It rendered us powerless, which felt beyond uncomfortable.

That day I realized that being a mother is about one single thing: what you feel is best for your child at that time -- it supersedes religion, appropriateness, respect, work, and anything else you could even fathom. That day made that crystal clear. I had left my single life, and entered motherhood.

Halloween certainly lightened up the mood. I love that holiday and costumes, and for the first time was part of a family versus being just me, which changed our costumes, the location (the suburbs), and everything else. A whole new meaning of Halloween was born, and I loved it. I loved being a family of pandas. Of course, Cookie was a total b----h, Bryn was the sweetest little bear, Daddy was adorable and me, the mommy panda, was a hooker panda gone bad. My high boots got worse as the day went on, the heels were buckling, and like most costumes, you can't wait to rip them off half way through. Great day though!!!

Then came the christening. I was happy for Jason and his parents because it meant a lot to them. I'm not all that comfortable with religion but I do value rituals, family, and tradition. Jason does walk the walk in his religion, so it was only right that we respect that. The priest was really sweet, the church very intimate, and the day an overall pleasure. That was a nice happy ending to what I jokingly refer to as "Baptism 1."

All's well that ended well! Amen!