Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny writes in from vacation to discuss taking on too much and ice-skating.

on Apr 15, 2011

As for moving to Cali, I have some business opportunities on both coasts so we need to weigh our options. I do love both places but I'm loyal to my New York. I also am sensitive to Jason's family, and it would be hard for Jason to move across the country.

Ice-skating was intense. No matter what I said, I ended up being terrified and traumatized. What in God's name was I thinking?

I love my skating partner so much. What a great guy. He was my ice husband. No matter what, I loved our routine even though I was sweating my balls off from fear. Those judges were brutal, and there was a third judge who was even nastier. Then came Thanksgiving. That shrink of mine is no dummy. He really makes me dig deep, and I am better for it.

Jake was right. I have everything to be thankful for, except maybe the fact that I am totally nuts. Just know this: it's harder to be me than to deal with me.

I love and thank you all so much. You support me, you make me stronger and better and I learn from you every day.