Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny discusses why she did 'Skating with the Stars,' closing the deal, and why this season feels so real.

on Mar 29, 2011

Let the ice wars begin.

Signing on to do Skating With the Stars was probably a desperate cry for my youth. I was so enticed by the idea of the costumes, the exercise, and the whimsical childish nature of it. I just don't know that I understood what I was getting myself into. I really didn't know how to ice skate very well, and I just couldn't imagine what was in store for me.

Ethan is a great guy. He made the experience such an incredible one. He is going to make some girl very lucky. And yes, he has very nice buttocks. Jason loves him too. In fact, we saw him in LA just yesterday. He is a friend of ours for life now.

As far as my 40th birthday, the number doesn't, nor didn't, bother me at all. I simply don't do well on my birthday -- no matter what age I'm approaching. That day has a lot of stuff attached to it, and it is never easy. I really didn't want to do a party, but I just found myself headed in that direction.

It was great to see Shawn. He really is a wonderful, entertaining, slightly neurotic, lad which makes him fit in so perfectly in my life.