Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny shares what it was like to live her life on TV, and why she did it for the fans.

on May 10, 2011

What a strange trip this has been. When agreeing to do my own television show, I thought it would be difficult to fill an hour with just me. I knew it would be funny and inappropriate and honest, but I had no idea what an emotional challenge and roller coaster it would be.

You see, this was my first time as a mom, my first year of marriage, my first year of real business success, and my first year airing all of this on television.

As I do with everything, I dove in head first because I know you guys. You are honest and daring, and you deserve and expect the whole truth and nothing but from me. Well, that was difficult. I could almost say it was excruciating.

I took on too much. I had challenges in my new family dynamic and was adjusting to that. And I experienced it all with cameras in my home and entire life and, of course, with you.

I'm so proud of this show. It represents everything that I do, and in my career. I do it all for you as much, if not more, than for my family.