Julie Plake

Julie discusses her appreciation for Bethenny, and the one makeover rule she had for the stylists.

on Mar 7, 2011

I started with Bethenny almost two years ago, with no idea what this job would be or where I would end up. Now looking back so many things have happened and I am so grateful for all I have learned. For Bethenny to realize my potential and give me a promotion was amazing. I know I didn't look as excited as I should have been, but I promise you I was freaking out inside! Everyone appreciates their value being noticed and being rewarded for it. I am so thankful that this raise happened when it did. New York is a tough place to live and I feel like now I can breathe.

Now...the Rachael Ray surprise really took me for a loop....

Like Bethenny said in her interview, I know all of her neurotic thoughts (I think, sometimes even before she thinks them) and I spend my days keeping everything on schedule. My brain is a calendar full of shoots, appointments, website posts, and phone calls, so for her to have these thoughts locked in her brain without me knowing was pretty tricky. Bethenny knew when I realized the day was not in my schedule that I would start to panic and wonder how we would get things done that were planned. But she did not care. I loved that she told me it was my day, and there would be no more work!

The whole day was a whirlwind for me. I am not used to being the center of attention in the workplace. That is reserved for Bethenny. I like being behind the scenes, coordinating and dictating. I realized at the salon that I would not really be dictating at all what they were doing. A makeover? A haircut? I have my fabulous hair stylist, Alma G, in the city, but who even knows the last time I had a chance to visit her! The haircut and color was long overdue...I had been working a lot and keeping busy on the weekends with my boyfriend and family, and hadn't had a minute get my hair done or shop.