Shawn Rabideau

Shawn shares his Holiday Mix recipe, and his plans for Bethenny's 40th birthday.

on Mar 28, 2011

Six full months had passed since I had seen Bethenny and Bryn; she called me to see if I could do lunch. When I saw her I wasn't expecting her to bring Bryn. First, Bethenny looked amazing and second, Bryn was so stinking cute! I used to babysit in high school so being around babies was nothing new for me. Bryn has to be the best baby I have met in years! She is so good, so happy, and so filled with goodness. It was great to have such positive energy around.

Celebrating life is what I do for a living! I don't just make wedding dreams come true; I plan countless other events. Most people don't know that, but I plan birthday parties, showers, mitzvahs, and product launches. If you have a party -- I'll plan and design it! So when Bethenny brought up her 40th birthday to me, I was naturally all about helping her plan it! Jason wanted her to have one, and to my knowledge so did Julie! Everyone was in Bethenny's corner to have a party. Forty is something to be happy and proud of!

Bethenny is right, anyone can just sit there and turn 40. But, it's how you celebrate that makes it different. She has come so far in the past year. She found a super sweet man, they got married, they had a baby, and now she was turning 40! As a party planner, it was a year filled with celebration. It was a year filled with happiness!

Although my eyes were wide with excitement (By the way Bethenny does a great impression of me, and no offense, I disagree, I am not a strange fellow), I could tell she needed convincing. There was something she just wasn't sold on. At the time I had no idea what it was. By the time we were finished with lunch, and ready to have Bryn for dessert (she really is THAT sweet and cute in person) it was settled, I would help her plan her party. My gift to her…after all she kept coming back to me, so I wanted to do something nice for her!

There was this great new place that opened up in the Meatpacking District called Villa Pacri. It was new, it was hip, and I had a hunch Bethenny would love it! When I've planned and designed 40th birthday parties in the past, most of my clients want something that's fun and filled with dancing. I was coming from a place of "party." I thought the club was perfect, and that's the way I was leaning. But I could also see Bethenny loving the upstairs as well.

Little did I know that my place of party was her place of no. . .Listen although I joke with Michael that I'm perfect, I know I'm not. I don't always get it right the first time. I'm human. My only focus was that I wanted Bethenny to have a good time and enjoy this milestone in her life. . .I just hope my hard work does that. I just hope she's happy.