Shawn Rabideau

Shawn discusses his anniversary, and Julie's role at Bethenny HQ.

on Apr 25, 2011

Normally I am the one that tells the story of how we met, but it was great listening to Kenn tell his version as a fellow observer that faithful day and it was fun listening to Alan and John tell stories of Michael's "wild days". Having my sister (who adores Michael) and our friends there to celebrate with us was so much fun, and we will certainly carry on the tradition for another eighty years because I can't ever imagine my life without Michael and our dear friends.

Each week I often wonder how does Bethenny do it? How does she handle what's on her plate. First and foremost she is a go getter and doesn't take "no" for an answer; hence her success. But she's also super lucky she has Julie who is by all means the ultimate Coordinator of Chaos. Julie is the glue that holds all the craziness together. I was once a personal assistant and looking back, Julie could run circles around me. She's great at what she does and you can tell Bethenny would be lost without her! Dawa, what a great addition! She is so cute. . .she is the perfect balance for Bethenny, Julie, Jason, and Bryn. And the fact that girl can do hair. . .there are no words! And then there's Jason getting things done with SkinnyGirl…He knows how to balance Bethenny. He's a great partner in so many ways…Despite the craziness Bethenny has going on in her life with Skating With the Stars, A Place of Yes and her SkinnyGirl tour I admire her for juggling it all, having it all, and coping with it all. Nothing is ever perfect, but if you can accept what's been given to you, balance it and be happy with what you have. . .then life is all good.