Shawn Rabideau

Shawn commends Bethenny for letting us into the Hoppy household and for giving spot-on dating advice.

on May 2, 2011

There really are no words to describe this week's episode. . .it is so right and yet so wrong. It's right because you really do see the shenanigans that happen in the Hoppy household. I don't think I stopped laughing once. From trying to cut the tree, to getting it to stand straight, to Cookie eating like she was being lead to the gas chamber, to Bethenny breaking the marble on the bus, it was nonstop laughter. Any outsider looking in would have no idea what the heck was going on and would run in the other direction. It's craziness 24/7, and I love they let us see this because they are no different than the rest of us out there.

What Bethenny did on Skating With the Stars was amazing! She worked her butt (padded and all) off non-stop and really made great strides. She improved from day one and did something not many of us would do: she took a chance, set her mind to something and worked to win the title. Although she didn't actually win, she kind of did. She was a winner in so many ways and she doesn't need a trophy to validate that. She is an inspiration to many.

And then there's Nick. He is such a sweet guy, and already you can tell Bethenny has given him so much to be confident about. His writing is amazing, and I can't wait to see more of his food blog! I thought it was really sweet that he was asking Bethenny for her advice on relationships -- and her advice was spot on. Do we see Dr. SkinnyGirl in her future?