Shawn Rabideau

Shawn gets inspired by Bethenny's trip to Montreal and discusses working with Max.

on Apr 11, 2011

In this week's webisode I had asked Max to meet me in Little Italy here in NYC. I thought doing so would not only inspire me to come up with ideas for Bethenny's 40th birthday, but it would also allow Max to see my creative process. In our last meeting I had thrown quite a bit at him, and I wanted him to know that I wasn't setting him up for failure. Planning parties is something new to him so having him walk Little Italy would allow him to see another side of how I work and how planners/designers get inspiration.

In my line of work I've encountered so many bizarre scenarios, and through it all I try to stay as professional as possible. However, I've had a few clients (and Michael) tell me I need to loosen up and not be so serious. Perhaps they're right. Maybe I am too serious. . .but to my defense there are boundaries and I never want to come off crossing those boundaries. My clients hire me because I am professional and I use good decorum. I am not the one to use foul language or do lewd things. To me, those are qualities that aren't professional. And, in turn, I expect others associated with my company to hold the same standards. It's not to say however, that I don't like to have a good time. For instance Meagan, Michael, and I go out for a drink every few weeks. We put work aside, we laugh, and have a great time -- but we know there are still boundaries. We know when to play, and we know when to work. We know what the boundaries are.