Shawn Rabideau

Shawn is relieved to see that Bethenny's marriage (and business parntership) is much like his own, farts and all.

on Feb 28, 2011

First let me say how excited I am that Bethenny, Jason, Bryn and Cookie are back!

During the wedding planning process I often hear my clients joke about having kids. Or one spouse may pick on their future in laws. Or the bride might make a dig at how her fiancé farts (so I'd better have Beano at the wedding). In my planning world that's normal, but rarely do I ever get to see the "after." Rarely do I get to see my couples after they say "I do."

I've been "married" for eight years. Not legally, but in heart and a true commitment. If you ask my partner Michael he'll tell you it’s been "eight long years." However, as much as we joke about that, it really has been eight long years. Together we’ve experienced the good, the bad and the ugly. And so often when we are fighting or going through a rough patch I wonder are we the only ones that are like this? Are we freaks of the "married world"? Surely there has to be some other couple out there that is just like us.

Watching Bethenny and Jason took a huge weight off my "married" shoulders. I am not saying that I can compare Bethenny and Jason, to Michael and I. But what I am saying is I see that all couples everywhere go through the same thing: finding balance and happiness all the while finding our individual married selves.

Michael and I not only live together, but we run a business together. Michael takes care of all the "business stuff." I call it "stuff" because it's the "stuff" I don't want to tend to. Or it's the "stuff" I'm quite frankly not good at. He's good at the business side, and I'm good at the creative side. We both like people, but I tend to get more attached to my clients than he does.