Shawn Rabideau

Shawn comments on Bethenny's breakdown and the importance of a good support system.

on Apr 15, 2011

In this week's episode of Bethenny Ever After I give her a ton of credit for all she took on. And when she has a free moment I'd love for her to teach me to juggle because she it has it down to. . .dare is say. . .perfection? My father always used to say, "You're not a failure if you put a 100 percent into what you're doing." Bethenny does just that. She puts a 100 percent into everything she does and as a result she's successful. I think she did an amazing job on Skating with the Stars, far better than I could have done! Honestly, I sometimes think Bethenny is a machine. She goes and goes and goes. . .but you know what we all hit a wall and when we take on too much -- we snap.

It happens to me, it happens to Michael, it happens to all of us. It just so happens Bethenny snapped on Thanksgiving. I really felt for Julie when the oven wasn't working. Julie works hard, she a super sweet person, and she puts in 100 percent to make sure Bethenny's life runs perfectly -- or as perfectly as it can. This was the one moment things weren't perfect. The oven didn't work, and Julie couldn't do anything to fix it. Jake was right, it wasn't a big deal. He's a good guy and he keeps life in perspective. I always say we're not curing cancer and saving puppies in Rwanda.

All in all when the dust settled they had a great Thanksgiving. Bethenny was with the people who are important to her -- the people who love, support, and wish her nothing but success. She was with family. It's nice when it all comes back to family. I know I'm thankful for mine.

I'm also thankful to all of you for your love, support and kind words over the past two seasons.

When I took Bethenny on as a client (or vice versa) I had no idea what a ride I was in for. My life and career have completely changed for the better, and it's in part because of you and the love you send my way. So thank you to each and every one of you!!

Until next time. . .Cheers!