Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny wants you to know the truth about the press and about her bidet.

on Apr 3, 2012

Hey everyone.

I hope my blog isn't too blah. My furry baby Cookie is at the hospital for bleeding. This isn't good for her because she has always suffered from a low platelet count, which means that bleeding is very bad for doggies. I dread putting her back on the strong chemo type drugs. Anyway, I'm praying.

Now on a lighter note. . .about the show.

The press: what can I say about them? In this business they are a necessary evil. Would I be even remotely close to where I am without them? Absolutely not. Did I used to dream of anyone caring enough to take a picture of me and now dread the very same thing at times? Yes! The thing is that I, perhaps like you, was very naïve. I actually thought that if it was printed, then it had to be true. The sad fact is that it isn't necessarily true at all, and you need to be educated consumers and know what sources to trust.

Even within the category of gossip magazines, very select magazines check their sources legally. The rest just quote any source they can find and say "a source" or "a friend." If they don't name a name, it probably is just hearsay. Anyway, I don't care what the press thinks about me, but I do care what you think.