Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny wants you to know the truth about the press and about her bidet.

on Apr 3, 2012

If my trust comes into question by you, then I take it seriously. I went through quite an intense press storm. I know more will come, and none of it really matters. I've never said anything about how much money I have and I don't think that is important, nor will it ever be. I've worked hard to be able to not have anxiety over meals or taxis or rent, and frankly that is good enough for me.

Who would have thought about the luxury of shopping for your very own brand new toilet? I've lived in so many apartments, and I was just glad if it flushed. Who even knows if it will make a difference. I still think I'll just hope it flushes. As far as a bidet, that's a bathroom accessory of a different sort. Let's just say being oh so fresh and so clean is exciting. For the record, I went for the "up the wazoo" one that shoots up. I'm a straight shooter. Why shouldn't I expect that from my bidet?

I love Nick. His writing is so much fun, and I just love helping him to be a little bit more confident. He has unleashed his Skinnygirl, and he is very happy.