Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny wants you to know the truth about the press and about her bidet.

on Apr 3, 2012

Date nights are so important. They set you back on track, they take you away from mommyhood and business and the day to day. Jason and I have a lot of fun, and we honestly need to shake things off and let loose. That's what date night is all about!

Regarding the talk show with Ellen, this is a surreal dream. She is an inspiration. She has really been so positive and supportive and there couldn't be a human being that I would rather go into business with. She is a game changer. She has been on the bottom and made it to the top. She has done courageous things that have paved the way for other people, and in business, she is paving the way for me. We have a great time together and she has accepted and supported me as me. This is a gift that I cherish. Tune in this summer on FOX: the queen of too much information is coming to daytime!