Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny dissects the hilarity in this episode and thanks you for coming along on the ride.

on Mar 27, 2012

Girls Night Dinner: I have really become a girls' girl. Not until my 30s did I realize the beauty and value of going out with the girls, having a cocktail, and really talking honestly about what we go through. I used to think it was campy or silly and now I totally get it. It is exactly what I want my summer daytime talk show on Fox to be. Getting together and really being honest all the while having fun. I'm lucky to have great girls around me who really teach me and inspire me and hopefully who I inspire right back.

The infamous mouth guard scene is actually what really goes down in this silly house. Very often I will look up and Jason will be bent over mooning me with his naked ass. On a different day, I'll enter the kitchen and shake my bra-less rack right back. We're morons and we're very inappropriate. It's who we are. As far as our sex life, we get down to it. When the show filmed, we had a baby just over one-year-old, and I didn't quite have my mojo back. I was recently pregnant, and I assure you that wasn't the immaculate conception. How ridiculous that my sex life is now talk show and cocktail party chatter?