Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny explains why she loved this episode and her matchmaking style.

on Mar 5, 2012

Well this week's episode was chock-full. The drive out to the Hamptons was absurd, as is everything in my life.

Dwayne is the newest addition to Team Skinnygirl, and he is very outspoken -- like many people in my life. He is a character and a riot, and let's just leave it at -- I'll never learn.

The conversation about Skinnygirl Lazy Lingerie ( was completely absurd, and I will always take humor over being appropriate.


I love Montauk so much. Having the freedom to run around with Bryn in the beautiful sun is something I cherish. We're building memories to last a lifetime.

I cannot believe that Jason and the girls weren't devastated about the raccoons. It would have ruined my weekend. I'd be institutionalized. I would have stopped, called animal rescue, and I would have been inconsolable.