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I Fly Above

Bethenny discusses the botched boat cruise and shakes the haters off.

What is there to say about the "ship of fools" episode? Jason and I had been going through a rough time, and it sometimes felt like rock bottom. Then you get trapped on a boat together and you realize what's important and how you would react in an emergency. I suppose the take-away is to not let your relationship get to an emergency state to figure out what matters.

It was so amazing that we didn't even argue once. The trip was so much worse than was even shown, and I wanted to scream and rip my hair out, but neither of us even came close to blaming the other or engaging in an argument.

I was so sad and concerned about my beautiful baby girl, and I just wanted to get to safe land so our family could be together.

Thankfully I'm married to a man who is there for you through thick and thin and who really loves and accepts me for who I am. It isn't perfect, and there will always be crappy times, but we work on it every day. It's who we are. It's what we do, and I can't compare it to anyone else. You never know what goes on behind closed doors. I've just chosen to open up mine to you.

I hope it helps. I hope it makes you feel better. Sometimes it makes you feel worse, but in the end, it's the truth that really matters -- not whether it's right or wrong.

On a lighter note, we love Dr. Amadour. He is a caring, gentle man who has dedicated his practice to helping couples to have healthier relationships and argue in a more productive manner.

As I mentioned, your therapy hasn't really begun until your doctor has walked in on you in the bathroom.

I can't even describe the feeling I had when I got to see my baby that day. As a mommy who is there when my little girl wakes up every day, it was devastating to not arrive until hours later. This is the deepest love I've ever known. I just want to be there for her, for her to feel safe and to feel secure that I will never leave her. She is the most precious and sweet little pink strawberry cupcake with sprinkles that I have ever known. Being a family once again that day was a feeling relief that compares to none.

As far as the naysayers, bottom feeders, and haters that are so desperate for attention to say or even imagine that I would ever fake or make up a traumatic story like that, all I have to say is F the haters. Kandi Burruss from The Real housewives of Atlanta said it best: "I fly above all the haters."

Follow Your Heart

Julie reflects on her journey with Bethenny and where it will lead her next.

Everyone -- this was a pretty intense episode. I wanted to thank all of you for the positive thoughts and support throughout this whole journey. Working for Bethenny and creating an unbreakable bond with her family truly changed and molded me as a person, and has allowed me to take the next step of my life with confidence. You have all helped build Bethenny's empire and your constant support has allowed her to take the next step -- her talk show. Although I am not directly working for Bethenny anymore, I am supporting from a distance and keep very close to her and her family.

For those of you who have asked, I am extremely happy and living in my hometown of Pittsburgh since January. I recently got a job in PR and marketing and am looking forward to the next steps of my life. This experience has taught me many things, but the most important thing is to follow your heart and be thankful for everything that you have in life.