Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny explains why RaRa means so much to her and how she deals with Jason and her arguments.

on Apr 24, 2012

Many people have asked me about why I chose RaRa as opposed to someone else like Julie. Julie is wonderful with Bryn and when she gets to New York she always visits. But RaRa is really like a second mother to Bryn and there is a difference. Of all of our friends, it is RaRa who goes out of her way to take Bryn to the park or the museum. She is the one who can't go two weeks without seeing Bryn. It is a parents' instinct and we made the right choice.

Regarding my arguing with Jason in Mexico: it has been a stressful year in many ways. My fans are so protective and so worried, and for that I'm so lucky. It is so difficult to go there and show it all but it is so worth it. This is my life. It ain't always pretty.

RaRa is with me probably more than anyone in the world. I feel like she's always at my house. She has been there for me when I've really needed her. She is a great person and she always says the spot-on thing. We love her with all of my heart. As I write this, she is playing makeup with my little bumble bee before she does mommy's makeup.