Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny explains why RaRa means so much to her and how she deals with Jason and her arguments.

on Apr 24, 2012

The couple's massage was typical us: morons. We find humor in the simplest things. That's who we are very often when we're together and not bickering with each other.

My birthday dinner was perfection: the place, the people, the intimacy. That was my idea of pure bliss.

I need to end on one final note. I am so thankful to you my loyal and devoted fans. The show is true and real, and it is difficult for you (and I) to watch. I read all of your emails and Tweets and Facebook posts and I really appreciate your advice. I know many of you relate and understand -- and some of you don't. Sometimes I get in my own way. I definitely beat myself up. I constantly try to evolve, but this is who I am.

I value you all so much. Thanks for watching. It makes it all worth it.