Cast Blog: #BETHENNY

The Real Me


Follow Your Heart


The House That Booze, Dreams, and Passion Built

Memory Lane

The Sunny Side of the Street

Play Hard



The Balloony Bin

Typical Bethenny

That's My Final Offer

Pure Bliss

The Reflecting Pool

And the Mariachi Band Played On

Left Field

Agita All Around

Something's Gotta Give

Big Shoes to Fill

The End of an Era

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Plake

A Straight Shooter

The Power of the Press

Baby Fish Mouth

California Dreamin'

Buckle Up

The Dressing Suite

Like No Other

The Spy Who Skated With Me

I Fly Above

The Bond Is Strong

No More Boats

Land, Ho!

A Fever Pitch

All that Drama

Laundry Day

Sea of Love

Chock-full of Nuts

Addicted to Laughter

Stop and Realize

The Real Me

Bethenny thanks the fans for another season of support and explains why she's baring it all in the show.

Thank you all so much for watching Bethenny Ever After last night. It isn't easy sharing the intimate, personal details of your life with the world, but I've come to trust and love you as fans. You have inspired me, you have entrusted me with your thoughts and dreams, and you make being totally honest and upfront the only option.

I am so blessed to have such a beautiful baby girl Bryn and supportive husband Jason. There is no perfect, and we certainly don't come anywhere close.

I am someone who has to work at most things. I work tirelessly at my career, endlessly at being a mother, and constantly at being a good wife.

Enjoy this season. It is certainly a rollercoaster, and many of you will relate to what we go through, and perhaps some of you will not. I couldn't simply allow you to see all the good things in my life and not the challenging ones. I want you to see the real me, whether emotional or inappropriate or neurotic. This is who I am.

Let's embark on this journey together. I hope you enjoy it.