Julie Plake

Julie discusses the growth of the Skinnygirl empire and all the drama this season.

on Feb 20, 2012

WOW! Team Bethenny is BACK! So much has happened, and I am so excited for you to see what is to come this season!!! Wait until you see how big my precious little godchild is! She is such a gem!

As you can see, the team has grown immensely. We have Jackie, Maggie the intern, Veronica the Glammy, Stacey for hair, Sonia for hair/makeup, Dawa the nanny, Dwayne the driver. . .and so many others in and out of the office every day. We have come along way with support and having a lot of people to help out, but like Bethenny said the people of the Skinnygirl empire have nowhere to sit. . .

The office is crazy town. All I can do is try to focus and complete my daily tasks. but it is so hard -- I am always trying to move things for people, keep people happy, keep everyone on track and on time!