Julie Plake

Julie shares why she and Bethenny had to spy on Cookie and what she learned in CPR class.

on Mar 26, 2012

This episode was full of team building and bonding sessions!

New York is full of great food, and Bethenny knows where a lot of these restaurants are, so I always know that a girls' night out dinner will be delicious. I like to give advice to my friends (in this case Bethenny) and I think I am pretty good at it. However, a lot of the time I say things and then completely forget the advice that I just gave. I get so in the moment. . .

Cookie is just like a child at elementary school. The child is so good for the teacher and the sweetest in class, but then the child gets home and is a nightmare. This is how Cookie is -- behaves great for Paulo and when she gets home to us, is a troublemaker. Going to spy on Cookie was how I could prove this to Bethenny. The wigs and costumes though were simply because we need to be ridiculous in all we do. We have work to be doing. Why are dressing up and dog watching? I know, because this job is like NO other!