Julie Plake

Julie explains what was going through her mind as it was the beginning of the end with Bethenny.

on May 14, 2012

Well everyone it's the beginning of the end as I attempt to hand Jackie the reins of everything in this episode. Bethenny speaks of me having "senioritis," but in fact I was trying to let Jackie take over so that I can help to answer any questions.

When they were preparing for Aspen, Dawa was so cute. She gives honest answers and that is so refreshing. I bet she never thought her nanny job would involve fashion.

I love that Bethenny and Brooke went searching for art on the street. They found some unique pieces that will go great in the new apartment.

The Aspen trip was so fun for me to watch because I wasn't there, so I was seeing everything from your perspective. Bethenny is a pretty awesome snowboarder, and Jackie and Jason could hang too. It was a blessing that I wasn't there because I would have for sure tried to keep up and probably injured myself.