Julie Plake

Julie discusses Bethenny and Jason's ability to cope with disaster.

on Mar 19, 2012

This episode was definitely interesting for me, as I had heard all about the trip, but could not have imagined the stress and panic Jason, Bethenny, the other couple, and Dr. Amador must have been going through when they were at sea.

I told Bethenny that I thought the boat ride would be full of team building exercises, but I could have never imagined this! I was proud of them for staying so calm, as they must have been terrified.

There isn't a lot to talk about as you saw firsthand what happened. My feelings were up and down the whole time. I think Dr. Amador is so great. He acted as a true professional and got them to shore safely. It was a team effort.

I was on shore -- actually in Pittsburgh -- visiting family, when I heard that they were lost at sea. At first I thought, "So typical," and laughed, but as the hours wore on I was very concerned.