Julie Plake

Julie discusses her decision to leave Team Bethenny, but how she'll still be part of the family.

on Apr 10, 2012

OK now everyone knows. I made a life decision, and that decision was to leave NYC and move back to Pittsburgh (my hometown).

Watching this episode was emotional for me, because my decision to leave was a difficult one. But as you can see from Bethenny and my reactions, it was the right decision. Moving back to Pittsburgh to be with my family and my boyfriend was always a thought that weighed on my mind.

I felt very strange having the conversation with Bethenny on the couch because I knew that it would be the end of an "era" and that things would never be the same. However, I will always be a part of Team B and part of their family. Bryn is my godchild and nothing is more special than that. I can't wait to visit NYC and spoil her all the time.

If you ask "how could you do this?" Remember, that I have worked for Bethenny for three years. She taught me important life lessons -- don't do things out of fear, follow your heart, and trust your gut. I listened to her and did exactly those things.