Episode 13:'s Editor hits the slopes for this week's recap.

Hello Skinnybunnies! We're in Aspen and snowboarding with a host of mustached men that love Bethenny. So let's get to the après episode and recap shall we?

The Art of the Deal
I do wonder if Brooke Gomez has bought anything on the street ever -- not just the art but even a scarf or a hot dog. It seems highly unlikely to me. I just don't get a clear visual of her interacting with the common folk, and, of course, I mean that in the most "because she is fierce" way. She's just to fabulous to purchase things that commoners would.

I do hate we missed the opportunity to see Brooke spend buco bucks on art with Bethenny. It would have been nice to have seen her discuss and justify the high art purchases. I love nothing more than hearing Brooke explain why Bethenny should spend money. She could have called the paintings "quiet" like the proper vanity. There is still a chance thought -- if the street vendor never accepts Bethenny's credit card there could be another shopping trip in store.

Besides just art, Bethenny makes another major purchase – a computer for Jason. It's an early Christmas present to welcome him into Team Skinnygirl. However, before he starts charging up the laptop, they still have to decide if he's actually joining the team full time. Jason wants to have his own thing, but he hasn't been able to decide if he's ready to leave his current employment and something that's solely his for what's hers.

Over therapy, Bethenny tries to cover her myriad purchases by asking for a refund for her last therapy session (I kid), as she discusses with Dr. Amador that it's not as simple as he led her to believe last week. Now it seems that even though she's ready, Jason isn't. But Dr. Amador stands by his plan that is all is very simple -- as long as the two of them can listen to each other. It does seem like that could simplify things. As the episode progress, we do see Bethenny ease up on Sweet Jason a bit. She's going to have to let him come down the mountain on his own time, and we'll have to wait and see what shakes out.

A Slippery Slope
In other Skinnygirl news, the team is ramping up to go to Aspen for the White Cranberry Cosmo launch and Jackie, Jason, and Bethenny are excited -- that is if they can agree to call it skiing or snowboarding. Julie isn't coming, because she has mad senioritis. Instead Bethenny takes Julie to lunch and Julie explains that money hasn't changed Bethenny. Nope, it's just that Bethenny's always been a b---h. Oh Julie, I'll miss you.

Seriously though, it was adorable watching these two kids reminisce. If only we had a photo of Bethenny sans pants giving an interview. . .

Thankfully now Dawa is around to ensure Bethenny dresses herself properly. Dawa is not letting Bethenny leave the house in an outfit that's anything less than a "seven." And Dawa's got a fairly fantastic sense of style. Quite and stylish, what more can you ask for in a nany

Dressed better is Bryn -- she is so cute in her little puffer coat. However, she should wear a little less lipstick. RaRa please give her a make-under.

At the Skinnygirl shindig, Bethenny take's up on the gondola and, while, taking in all the Apsen sights, begin to reminisce about her younger years. She does miss those days on the Slopes, but now there's no going back. This marks the second time I really wish we could go back to a moment in time in this episode. I would love nothing more than to party with her après ski. And if I was there I would try my best to sound more grateful than Jackie did.

Ski Boyfriends
Once the business end of the trip is over, Bethenny and Jackie can finally take to the boards -- well to the lodge first to grab some gear and a couple of "toys." Yes, within mere moments Bethenny collects a plethora of mountain men (boys). I love that they all have goofy nicknames, like Twizz and Catchy and Mustache of Love (OK, I made that last one up). Of course Bethenny's nickname is "Cougar," whether she likes it or not. . .

Despite all the flirting, Bethenny is not too distracted to shred. She might be a cougar, but she's a mountain lion on the slopes (Do they say that? Is that a thing anyone says about good skiers/snowboarders?). Of course once the reach the bottom of the mountain, the big game begins as Bethenny continues to flirt with her posse of Skittles-sporting men. As the gang discusses après ski and old balls, Bethenny continues to drive the cougar train. Apparently, the rules for guessing a lady's age are Price is Right-style: you cannot overbid. Cheers to that.

Next week, it's finally happening: Julie final day at Skinnygirl. But before the big goodbye, Bethenny's got a huge surprise in store. Leave your guesses for the big reveal in the comments.

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Hey everyone. I'm tearfully sentimental about the season coming to an end. This week's montage of flashbacks definitely brought back memories of yesterday. I'm a hopeless romantic, and I get emotional when I think of the series of events that brought me to this place.

I'm a lucky lady. I have a beautiful family, a career people can only dream about, and I'm about to be in "rare air" (as Jason, my husband calls it). I'm about to embark on an incredible and memorable journey. I am fortunate enough to have my own talk show -- a place where I can talk to women every day about EVERYTHING, all the things that we talk to each other about in private over cocktails. This is it! This isn't your mother's talk show. The queen of TMI is coming to daytime. I can't wait to take the next step with you. Let's talk about it!

Next week is the finale when you will see my new apartment, the one that booze, dreams, and passion built. I can't believe it's the end to a very honest and open season. This is who I am. This is what it is. No apologies. Thank you all. I have and always will have the best support system that anyone could wish for. I cherish and appreciate you.



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