The Frankel File

Episode 9:'s Editor calls "her girl Gloria" to dicuss the return of Gina and this episodes agita-a-go-go.

Apr 16, 2012

Yes finally! The return of Gina. The world's sassiest baby nurse come back to us (albeit too briefly) and Cookie learned a new trick (shockingly). Let's assess this pre-vacation episode.

Apartment Agita
We open with the lovely Girl Gomez dropping by Bethenny's to discuss the continuing design process. Bethenny has decided that Brooke's greatest talent is  spending other people's money. Last I checked, that's the fun of being a decorator. You get unbridled access (within a budget) to a stockpile of cash that you can spend on pretty things. She knows by now how to drop some bank on a bench! But, since it's Team Bethenny, the decisions are a group effort, meaning Julie is called into give final say. Julie then reveals to Brooke that she won't be able to do that for much longer. Brooke's face when she realized Julie was leaving was really just incredible. Agita personified.

Besides benches, Bethenny's got to pick out marble for her bathroom. As usual, she must act as center for the entire situation, with the boys not talking to the Gomez Gals. Thankfully on the way out of the stone store, there’s a large statue of some sort of skirt wearing deity, so Bethenny can lean on that religious figures aide. Marc doubts her Egyptian religious leanings, but you know what? He can deal with the buildings. Let her handle the moral needs surrounding the design. If it's going to take Bethenny jotting down notes in hieroglyphics to get this apartment finished, so be it. Why not just put a sphinx statue in the living room and call it a day.

Beam Me Up
Here's a question -- when does a "golden glow" get a little too golden if you know what I mean?

As further proof that Bethenny’s life is the best, she has a very important drinking meeting. Just a midday summit to to test out the latest Skinnygirl cocktails, assess the cheater brands, and ponders what the sangria's color reminds people of. Apparently, it's a fine line between gasoline, urine, and delicious, refreshing cocktail. Never forget.