The Frankel File

Episode 2:'s Associate Editor talks eyebrow threading, small strippers, and falafels.

Feb 27, 2012

Hello Bethenny belovers (just testing that out). It's our second episode, and already so much is happening. Hoda is admitting that she doesn't always listen to Today show guests, Nick is getting his eyebrows threaded, Bryn is speaking in full sentences (now she can act in movies besides just The Artist). Let's recap shall we?

Don't Hold the Hoda!
Yes! Ms. Kotb is back, and providing us with even more joyous delights. I am love, loving these two's friendship. I'm not saying we should throw Kathie Lee over or anything, but I could watch these ladies interact all day. Maybe there's a buddy comedy in their future. B and Hoda Eat, Pray, Love their way across Spain, or Thelma and Louise minus the murderous end. Someone draft up a script, and I'll do whatever I can to help. This is going to be my Moneyball. Whatever it takes.

Hoda is basically beaming with love, and therefore is feeling super honest. Honest enough to admit that sometimes while she's pulling those pre-cooked pans out of the oven that she's not paying attention at all. She's just tuned-out waiting to "chug-a-lug" with Bethenny at lunch. And not only has she gotten up and hosted a show, she's also most likely already had sex (She doesn't want to do it after she eats a meal. Even if it's a light sensual meal like oysters? Is this like swimming where you need to wait 30 minutes?). Oh Hoda, you're my hero.