The Frankel File

Episode 2:'s Associate Editor talks eyebrow threading, small strippers, and falafels.

Feb 27, 2012

Falafels to Falafels
Nick and B head out on a straight ball crawl for the blog, which makes me super jealous. I love a good falafel -- and a good makeover!

Yes, besides just hummus and soda burps, B and Nick also eek in a little time for eyebrow threading. Nick has the take charge attitude to woo ladies (did anyone else notice him "What up?" the staff at that one restaurant. So forceful and street.), but not the fuzz-free face B thinks he needs.

So like all good multi-taskers, the pair decides to eat fried chickpeas and hve their faces groomed at the same time. Is there something slightly disgusting about eating food while having someone remove your friends hair with a thread? Maybe? Does it matter if the falafels are delicious? Thought so.