The Frankel File

Episode 10:'s Editor discusses Bethenny's big birthday trip to Mexico.

Apr 20, 2012

The Allusion
When next we see Bethenny and Jason they're getting in to it before lunch. The cause of the exact fight is unclear, but involves some sort of "allusion" to something or other. Bethenny ends up going to lunch with RaRa instead since they can’t stop tiffing. The pair discusses the problems Bethenny and Jason are having and how cruel they are being to each other.

After some protracted upstairs/downstairs drama, Jason comes down to lunch and they try to have lunch sans Bryn or Veronica. It's tough watching Jason and Bethenny, who are clearly so exhausted of fighting, feel unable to help themselves or each other. They want to change everything about each other's personalities that's leading to this constant infighting, but how? How can you leave all that's past in the past? But they've committed to try, which is good because Mexico (and the rest of their lives) waits for no one.