The Frankel File

Episode 7: Bravo's Editor discusses Ellen, haters, and baby talk.

Apr 2, 2012

Hello Frankel fans. Tonight Bethenny did her best to fling aside the haters and focus on the positive -- like how positively babyish her voice sounds when she's trying to talk to Bryn. Let's recap shall we?

Bethenny Frankel: Gossip Writer
Bethenny caught a lot of flack from the bloggers this week. The interwebs were disputing her payday from Forbes, while a certain tugboat captain is saying that the gang wasn't lost at sea at all. I think it goes without saying that I can't fathom Dr. Amador ever faking a major nautical disaster, but there, I said it. In the midst of discussing how she should defend herself with Jason and Julie (and again later in the episode when she chats with Julie and Jackie), Bethenny throws a couple of fictitious celeb scenarios out that made me chortle greatly: One, Bethenny is having Hugh Grant's baby (particularly because the Countess herself just revealed she has a mondo crush and has maybe once smooched the man) and two, Julie is having Brad Pitt's baby (because like that guy needs any more babies). Anyway, moving on.

After an especially touching Dr. Amador session, Bethenny takes to the Today show, and shuts down all the rumors. You know it's a serious interview because Matt Lauer has on his glasses, and it seems to button up all the rumors nicely.

Dwayne and Bethenny's Shopping Montage
Bethenny discusses the situation with Dwayne, and he resolves to be a vault for her gangster business abilities. He also contradicts that those two are just driving back and forth to Barney's all day. Dwayne knows that people can throw her under the bus "quick, fast, and hurry," and the two ponder the process of loving to hate someone. This only brought me back to the signature Sonyae track "Love It or Hate It," which I had to say aloud to you guys in hopes of finally getting it out of my head. Sorry if now you're just stuck with it.