The Frankel File

Episode 7: Bravo's Editor discusses Ellen, haters, and baby talk.

Apr 2, 2012

The Sexiness of a Good Bidet
Bethenny and Brooke head out in search of a bidet, and subsequently in search of the reason behind Brooke's wild-child look. The younger Gomez has loosed up tremendously, rocking a more casual Missoni look that seems to suggest she's "getting some sex," at least according to Bethenny. That loose feeling of goodwill is perfectly timed, because if you're feeling buttoned-up while Bethenny is riding a bidet around, life is going to be super hard for you.

Also, who knew toilets would be such a point of contention. No one wanted to sit on the toilets at the showroom. C'mon people they're show toilets. Unused! Pop a squat and check it out!

SkinnyGuy Nick
Nick drops by to deliver the falafel blog and pour some drinks. And here's the episode biggest twist -- he's super thin! Nick looks amazing and his brows are still in pretty good shape (I assume that means there's been some maintenance). His blog is of course phenomenal (but if you read his musings last season, you already know that), and the afternoon devolves into the gang just pondering how lethal Skinnygirl margs are (lethal) and Bethenny saying "panty-dropper" until Julie finally makes her stop.