The Frankel File

Episode 7: Bravo's Editor discusses Ellen, haters, and baby talk.

Apr 2, 2012

Put a Beard On It
After all that hoopla, Bethenny and Jason go to dinner and discuss what everyone does over a meal -- trimming of all your hairs. Bethenny is feeling unsure about his multi-vagina look, Jason's unsure about how to clean up after his manscaping, the table next to them is unsure how to react to Bethenny's vagina jokes. Uncertainty abounds.

That confusion extends to the discussion of Bethenny's birthday, and how the gang will celebrate this year (hopefully sans breakdown). As of now the plan is mariachies and margaritas, which sounds like the best birthday of all.

Ellen Time
But before the gang is off to Mexico, Bethenny has to head to California to appear on Ellen. Obviously this was going to be fun (because Ellen is the greatest, if you don't believe me, take a moment to watch her montage of people getting frightened or, another personal favorite of mine, the segment when she and Kristen Bell discussed sloths). And boy was I right. Here's Bethenny and Ellen talking about babies.

Yup gold people. We're giving you gold.

Next week, Team Skinnygirl gets some shocking news (not related to bidets). Speaking of bidets, do you think B needs one? Is that a suitable alternative to a man cave?