The Frankel File

Episode 3:'s Associate Editor discusses boats, Bethenny, and Dwayne.

Mar 2, 2012

Hello Frankel-philes

We're back to the beach this week, as Bethenny packs up the whole fam (and Dwayne! Thank G-d she brought Dwayne!) and heads to the annual Skinnygirl shindig in Montauk. Let's recap, shall we?

Dwayne's World
I had an inkling in the premiere when B's new driver Dwayne told her that her shoes were "fierce" that this would be a man we would grow to love. I was instantly aware that this was a man who was going to share something with all of us. . .

Boy was I right.

Straight out of the gate, Dwayne is decked in his pre-Hamptons look and delivering some Terrence Howard-esque musings on female cleanliness, as well as clearing up the definition of tortured.

I find it absolutely perfect that this man drives Bethenny around. These two hustlers belong together, driving around talking superiorly inappropriately about breasts at all times. Scoot over when you hop in his ride -- a fashion plate like this needs to have options so he can wow you with his wisdom and his style. And follow his advice: watch your high blood pressure. That's the silent killer.

Love you Dwayne. Mean it.