The Frankel File

Episode 3:'s Associate Editor discusses boats, Bethenny, and Dwayne.

Mar 2, 2012

The Boat, The Boat
Another week, another botched boat ride. I can't actually understand why Bethenny keeps getting on sea vessels. You're meant for land (or air), but not for the sea friend. That's before even factoring in the upcoming boat trip which might be a bit of a catastro-cluck, if you know what I'm saying.

At the very least, this leads to us seeing Cookie in a lifejacket and Bryn in a captain's hat. Worth all of the trouble! They are cutest little shipwrecked family in the world.

The Sands of Time
In some bizarre twist of fate, Bethenny manages to carve out some time for just she and Julie. While they're sitting around eating pretzels, Bryn is in a sandbox. That sounds relaxing, but it's actually a terrifying prospect. Sadly NYC sandboxes are basically urinals. . . leading B to drink (also just the joys of drinking was part of that plan).

Over their sangria, Bethenny and Julie start to reminisce about the olden times, when Skinnygirl was just a file folder on a dinning room table. Julie sees a change not just in the brand, but also in Bethenny's state of mind. She's not the workaholic she once was. It's great to see Bethenny growing.
And then to see Bryn growing! In her tiny hat! Cookie's growing to, and putting down roots in the hall where Grandma accidentally left her.That's your life now Cookie, deal.

The Boat, The Boat, Part 2
After all of Bethenny's boat problems, I was shocked at how receptive she was to the idea of a couple's boat cruise with Dr. Amador. I mean it does sound kind of fun, minus the seasickness and the need to evaluate your behavior patterns.

And that's exactly what Jason gets hung up on. As much as these two are trying to getting onto the same page, there are still some issues, and so why not try to work them out at sea. The ocean air and the companionship necessitated by a small vessel could be just the thing.

We’ll see next week. Until, then I’m going to be on edge and on land just to be safe.