The Frankel File

Episode 1:'s Associate Editor heralds the return of Bethenny with "loofers," Shrek ears, and pretend cellphones.

Feb 17, 2012

Hello Bethenny fans! The Frankel has finally returned. And she's still the hilarious, vaguely inappropriate delight we've always loved. Let's pick our favorite moments from this episode, shall we?

Celebrity 101
We begin with a shindig for the launch of SkinnyGirl sangria, and as if the basketball team worth of women that now constantly surrounds B wasn't enough, there were loads of amazing guests. Hoda! Hoda, the wine-swilling superhero and Kathie Lee counterpart, Hoda! Can we just talk for uno momento about the fact that Bethenny found Hoda love? I don't normally take teenage girls trying to sell me on an older gentleman at their word, so it's good that B was more open to the idea. If not Lady Kotb would still be enduring the single lady slings from KL.

Also at the party; Nick the Foodie! God bless his little awkward soul. He's there drinking perhaps too much sangria, setting up sex jokes for B to make, and generally being adorable. As it turns out B will be giving him a bit of a makeover next week, so look forward to that.

But my favorite part of this shindig was B admitting that she broke all of celebrity rules. That's why we love you honey. Never let society take away your right to eat in public. You do you, girl!