The Frankel File

Episode 1:'s Associate Editor heralds the return of Bethenny with "loofers," Shrek ears, and pretend cellphones.

Feb 17, 2012

A Huge Loofer
I think a lot about the fantasy dinner parties I'd like to have (as I think many of you might). If you could create the perfect guest combination, you are guaranteed a rollicking good time no matter if you're serving an elaborate meal or just tater tots (those are always a component of my imaginary perfect dinner party). But what this episode convinced me of is that there is also such a thing as a perfect lunch date -- and it's one where Lisa Lampanelli and B talk about balls.

I know Jackie might think that picking up "Jimmy Big Balls" business and working to find just the perfect angle of his Secrtarait-sized balls might be a little out of her usual job description, but hey, some days the job has perks.