The Frankel File

Episode 5:'s Associate Editor recaps Bethenny and Jason's stormy sea trip.

Mar 16, 2012

Welcome back Bethenny babies. When last we left you, Jason was trudging away from the helipad, wandering into the distance. Let's see if this whole thing took off, shall we?

Actually wait. Before we address anything else I have to talk about something important. . .

What sort of aviation/helicopter port has poodles just roaming freely? That giant muppet-like standard poodle was just ambling around, listening to Jason and Bethenny hash everything out. It was incredible. Is this standard procedure? Didn't some model nearly die wandering around helicopters? Someone put the poodle in a pen, for the love of G-d. Such a majestic creature deserves to be kept safe. And if that canine was trotting around being nosy, that's even worse.

OK, moving forward, as Bethenny would say. . .

We Have Lift Off
After some caterwauling, Jason boards the helicopter. Bethenny's feeling like she's the relationship bad guy, and hoping there has to be some resolution on the trip. The couple finally makes it to the boat, the beautifully named, Maria Cristina, and greets Dr. Amador.

The first twist is that there is another couple on board. As if this wasn't going to be awkward enough, someone else is also aboard working out their issues. However, they aren't just adding bad vibes. Chad and Luz are adorable and master sailors, so that's helpful. They might be master sailors who despise each other, but they are pros at sea. Take whatever help you can get, right?