The Frankel File

Episode 5:'s Associate Editor recaps Bethenny and Jason's stormy sea trip.

Mar 16, 2012

Besides just giving the couple's crew a workout in ropes and what not, Dr. Amador manages to insert his subtle wisdom throughout the day, and tries to get Jason to not push Bethenny's buttons so much. So far the "couples' exercises" seem at minimum and the whole day is smooth (ish) sailing.

The Stormy Sea
Unfortunately, those calm waters don't last for long, and Jason gets a little seasick. Poor, poor traveler. There was no amount of brown rice or green beans or chips that were going to settle the stormy sea inside of him.

Worst of all, in the middle of this Dr. Amador double dips into the chips! That is a major offense. If there were a boat cruise for people who double dip, I would sign him up. Not cool, Doc. You need to work out your chip-issues.

Dr. Amador stops tainting the chip pile long enough to descend to the hull and work with Jason and Bethenny in bed. It seems like good progress, and it’s great to hear B and J working through some things.