The Frankel File

Episode 5:'s Associate Editor recaps Bethenny and Jason's stormy sea trip.

Mar 16, 2012
And then the group gets lost at sea. . . .The GPS is broken and the gang is doing their best to avoid the shallower water. This is the final straw in the Bethenny and Jason should not get on boats. Never again guys! You could turn a gentle canoe trip into the Titanic. Dr. Amador admits that he calmly s—t his pants, which is my favorite kind of feeling of pants s—ting. The gang just continues to falter at sea, racking up the hours on the boat.

And then Bethenny and Dr. Amador break new ground in their relationship. He walks in on her in the bathroom. Bethenny surmised it best, "When my shrink walks in on my on the toilet, it's taken another turn." It's a lot of rattling doors, lack of sleep, and such. At least for B and Jason. Chad and Luz sleep like champs, until their rescue. . .It reminds me of that inspirational phrase, "Life is what happens when you're trapped on boats."