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Land, Ho!

Episode 5:'s Associate Editor recaps Bethenny and Jason's stormy sea trip.

March 16, 2012
Land, Ho!
Once the gang is back on solid ground, it seems like the relationship is as well.

Over lunch, Bethenny and Jason discuss their trip. Bethenny compares it to Mardi Gras, which is a pretty fitting comparison. As someone who has been to Mardi Gras, the after feeling is one of total mental and physical exhaustion. It's like someone has drained your very life blood and replaced it with watery hurricanes.

But even in that incapacitated state, Jason sees things clearly, and tells Bethenny that he is going to try and have more patient with her. It seems like incredible progress, even if the two still bicker a bit about the proper procedure for Number 2s on the boat.

Next week, Bethenny deals with land troubles -- like groomed dogs, mouth guards, and kickboxing. I imagine she'd take that kind of drama over getting lost at sea any day.



Hi Sarah! I've been watching your cnehnal for 12 weeks now and have been inspired to loose weight get fit. I have already lost 10kgs and have 33kgs to go. I now eat a clean diet with almost no sugar. I started walking daily and soon joined my local gym where you can find me 5 days a week for 1.5 hours. I am feeling absolutely amazing and watching your videos helps keep me motivated. Please enter me in this competition!

Jason is a wimp! What kind of man acts like that??? He should b thanking GOD for the life B has given him!!! Not crying around bc his parents were not invited to a bday party!!!

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