The Frankel File

Episode 4:'s Associate Editor deals with the dramatics leading up to Bethenny's big boat ride.

Mar 12, 2012

Ahoy mateys. This week Bethenny navigated the stormy seas of relationships and also helicopter pads. Let's recap shall we?

Give Him a Lift
Ever busy, Bethenny's at a photo shoot with her good pals Jake and Stacy. It's Christmas themed, which is super adorable. And so like all the Christmases I've ever been to, the photographer instructs Jake to kneel in front of a plate of holiday muffins (normal yuletide behavior). During this interlude, Jake admits that he’s a "Jewish Six Feet" which means 5'10" without lifts. I didn't know actual humans wore lifts outside of movie sets and. . .theater sets? But if it's working for Jake, have at it. As a short woman, I know the power a couple of inches of heels can give you, and I support him reaching for the stars --

albeit with a little assistance.
Sadly, it wasn't all holiday treats, Bethenny is dealing with birthday backlash from Jason, and trying to keep things together for their impending boat ride. She's worried about everything that happened, but ensure if Jason's even still thinking about it. And besides that there's décor drama.

Seeing Red
Bethenny is inching ever closer to homeless as the renovation on her new apartment has not yet begun. The Gomez Girls haven't responded to the architects requests and so work is at a standstill. Bethenny had to play "Renovation Ref," which is a fairly unfun role, even as far as referees go.
After discussing the chairs Brooke and Jason have tossed from NYC windows, Jason calls in to lay the smackdown. Unfortunately things were semi-settled at this juncture, and it makes the situation even more bungled. . . then Marc arrives and it's even more awky. Thankfully Bethenny is super decisive. Hippo painting here. Bar somewhere. Bathroom just like this. Done, done, done. Looks like all is back on track.