The Frankel File

Episode 4:'s Associate Editor deals with the dramatics leading up to Bethenny's big boat ride.

Mar 12, 2012

Doctor With Borders
We had a new doctor to the places B is willing to take us, her chiropractor. As they discuss the intricacies of her neck, B admits that she's not sleeping well, and then finds that this doctor is sleeping alone. Matchmaker alert: B can fix this.

Unfortunately, this doctor wants to keep it professional. He was in fact a tough nut to crack (much like a walnut). Seems like he won't be added to the inappropriate rolodex anytime soon, which is unfortunate. I think if we had gotten past his bedside manner shell, we could have found his bedside manner center. Know what I'm saying?

A Tangled Web
At a meeting to strategize the Skinnygirl website, B checks in on Jackie and Julie's mental states. Both gals are dating guys long distance, so B wants to know if they're planning on staying in NYC for the long haul. Jackie says she's committed. . . and Julie immediately bursts into tears. That's not necessarily the best sign. Perhaps Julie needs to figure out what she should do and if it's time to maybe let her life revolve around herself and not Julie. . .

Birthday Blues
At Dr. Amador's B discusses the birthday disaster, and how Jason is mad because she didn't include his parents in the festivities. Bethenny is upset because even though Jason swore he wouldn't "rip her" again, he did. (Rip is really a term I don't hear except on Bethenny. What say you folks? Do you say "rip" in that context?) Bethenny is having a hard time because she feels like she's trying so hard, and things still aren't working. Dr. Amador really hopes that Jason will be able to open himself up to change and therapy, and hopefully this boat cruise will help.

So Julie and Bethenny plan for the "relationship building" boat cruise. Bethenny’s really hoping that inside Jason shows up, and we'll have to wait to see which one arrives.

Today’s moment of zen: Bryn’s ballet class. Sigh. So adorable. So what if Bryn doesn't want to dance and she just wants to play with the hair of the other girls in class. That's her choice! Maybe there's another recreational activity out there for her. . . like beauty school.