The Frankel File

Episode 4:'s Associate Editor deals with the dramatics leading up to Bethenny's big boat ride.

Mar 12, 20120

Doctor With Borders
We had a new doctor to the places B is willing to take us, her chiropractor. As they discuss the intricacies of her neck, B admits that she's not sleeping well, and then finds that this doctor is sleeping alone. Matchmaker alert: B can fix this.

Unfortunately, this doctor wants to keep it professional. He was in fact a tough nut to crack (much like a walnut). Seems like he won't be added to the inappropriate rolodex anytime soon, which is unfortunate. I think if we had gotten past his bedside manner shell, we could have found his bedside manner center. Know what I'm saying?

A Tangled Web
At a meeting to strategize the Skinnygirl website, B checks in on Jackie and Julie's mental states. Both gals are dating guys long distance, so B wants to know if they're planning on staying in NYC for the long haul. Jackie says she's committed. . . and Julie immediately bursts into tears. That's not necessarily the best sign. Perhaps Julie needs to figure out what she should do and if it's time to maybe let her life revolve around herself and not Julie. . .

Birthday Blues
At Dr. Amador's B discusses the birthday disaster, and how Jason is mad because she didn't include his parents in the festivities. Bethenny is upset because even though Jason swore he wouldn't "rip her" again, he did. (Rip is really a term I don't hear except on Bethenny. What say you folks? Do you say "rip" in that context?) Bethenny is having a hard time because she feels like she's trying so hard, and things still aren't working. Dr. Amador really hopes that Jason will be able to open himself up to change and therapy, and hopefully this boat cruise will help.

So Julie and Bethenny plan for the "relationship building" boat cruise. Bethenny’s really hoping that inside Jason shows up, and we'll have to wait to see which one arrives.

Today’s moment of zen: Bryn’s ballet class. Sigh. So adorable. So what if Bryn doesn't want to dance and she just wants to play with the hair of the other girls in class. That's her choice! Maybe there's another recreational activity out there for her. . . like beauty school.

Tricia g
Tricia g

I'm from the Midwest. We value and respect our parents no matter what our age. Even if we are 40. We know that our folks won't be around forever and want to include them when we can and when they are here. It doesn't mean we need to cut the cord from our folks. Jason is a good guy who treats his folks right. Leave him alone.


To the editor: why doesn't Jason have a blog. I think it's because he doesn't want to expose himself to possible criticism. Jason seems to have carefully orchestrated his public image by making sure he doesn't get into fights when the cameras are rolling. When Bethenny said he said she was damaged I was appalled. If my husband ever said that to me (and I have had a difficult childhood), I would find it almost unforgivable. And when Jason said the therapist was being paid by Bethenny to tell her what she wants to hear, he just sounded so ignorant. I've been to numerous therapists and none of them just say whatever the patients wants to hear. Jason sounds ignorant. Honestly like many viewers it sounds like Jason is trying to compensate for his brother's absence in his parents' lives. Unfortunately he's asking Bethenny to do the same without directing explaining all this. Jason, a 40 year old man shouldn't need to see his parents as often as you do. If you simply want to, still something is amiss. You don't seem to have cut the umbilical cord completely. And when a wife plans a surprise birthday party for you with friends, why on earth would parents be invited? The appropriate thing to do with parents is to go out to dinner with them separately. Why keep bashing your wife after she went through so much trouble for planning a lovely surprise for you? You're right, honey, you're not as perfect as you seem.


Bethenny is right when she says that it's hard that Jason is considered 'perfect' and that everything is her fault.

Jason and his parents are obviously still hurting over the loss of his brother. I have never seen a grown man so concerned with fitting in time for his parents. It's lovely and considerate, but not every weekend or event needs to include them.

Why did they need to be included in his 40th birthday weekend? Did they call him and suggest meeting for lunch or dinner? Did they celebrate with him before or after?

No one is perfect, and the fact that Jason wants to fight with Bethenny and then pretend that everything is fine shows his immaturity.

I hope they are getting consoling either together or separately.

BTW, 'rip me' is short for 'ripped me a new one' or 'ripped me a new a@@#$%^&'. As in, the person was so violently angry and yelled so vehemently that their words physically ripped you a new orifice in your body. It's pretty common terminology in the Midwest...

Sandra Marquez
Sandra Marquez

I love Bethenny, she's very raw, honest and in some ways very twisted. Sometimes she's twisted in a funny LOL way and sometimes she's twisted in a sad dark way. I understand that about her it's not so uncommon nor is she "damage" Bethenny you're just human like the rest of us and Jason needs to really make an effort to accept you for who you are not who he would like you to be. Often times "first" marriages are ruined because we all expect so much from eachother to the point of being unreasonable and close minded. Jason you need to evolve from a small town boy into a sophisticated intelligent man who doesn't hit below the belt when arguing and stop name calling. Being called damage is "horrible", hurtful and mean. Did you ever consider that your parents don't need to be invovled in everything you do with your family. The more you try and push your parents on Bethenny the more she will resent it. Bethenny hang in there, things are bad right now but not hopeless!

Much love, hope and peace...